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Katie & Briscoe

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow....

My head has been shaved. Well, not shaved with a razor, but using the trimmer I do Mark's hair and beard with. I used the shortest guide it had, just to make sure I didn't get any scratches from the trimmer blades. My hair is now 1/8 inch long. Mark kept asking if I was sure I wanted him to do it and I told him I couldn't stand the shedding any longer. I had hair everywhere. I looked like I'd been rolling on the cats or something. Not to mention that everything I tried to eat inevitably wound up with at least one of my hairs in it. They were falling out all by themselves. And Lord help me if I actually touched my hair! Here's an example of what I'd get just by running my fingers through my hair:
I took this a few minutes before Mark shaved my head.
Mark says I look good bald, though like I said, I'm not really completely bald yet. I will be before long. Another couple of days, I guess. I'm just hoping it doesn't take too long. Several of the others on the cancer survivors network have said that it can be uncomfortable once your hair is this short and your scalp starts struggling to hold on to what hair is left. Hence the lint roller. They say it really works. I was talking to another chemo patient while we were getting our chemo on Monday and she said she did the lint roller thing too. Sounds nuts, but it does the job I guess. Some of the ladies have said that using an electric razor on it will help, too. I can already see what they mean. The fuzz in actually oddly sensitive. I tried on one of my hats and it's kinda annoying the way it presses on the fuzz. We'll see how it goes when I try to sleep tonight. They say that can be a problem, too. If it gets too bad, I guess I'll get out the electric razor and give it a try.

As for the second chemo treatment: it went well. I have been much more tired this time around. I was just plain exhausted yesterday. I'm tired today as well, but not quite as worn out as before. My steroid high didn't get me as far this time around. Mark and I did go down to Friendship, to the flea market late Monday afternoon. We didn't make the rounds of the entire place, but just hit the largest flea market area. By the time I did that I was pretty much ready to come home. I enjoyed the walk, though. It wasn't too hot and I felt good about getting in some exercise. I did see a really cute tin bread box that Mark and I both liked, but we both thought it was too expensive. We're thinking we might go back down later this week and see if the price has come down any or maybe even try to talk them down some. I don't know. I've got to see my oncologist tomorrow for a routine appointment, presumably so he can talk to me about how the chemo is going. Then Friday night I'm going to a play here at our local theater called "Til Beth Do Us Part." One of my dear friends, Valarie Bennett, and her husband, Ken, are acting in it. I've seen them both act before and they're very good. Val used to be a magician, too, so she's got the stage in her blood. Oh, and did I mention that they lived in Las Vegas for a while and she used to make clothes for the male strippers? Lots of velco she said. LOL

So, I've got some things to do over the next couple of days. As tired as I am this time around, they may be all I can manage. I told Mark that doing a load of laundry last night pretty much stretched me to my limit. That's just pathetic, but the reality of this whole process. I'm trying to psych myself up to do another load of laundry tonight AND load the dishwasher! What an exciting evening I have planned... I may need a nap first, though.

Well, I suppose this is it for now. I've got a few hats and scarves I would like to mention, but I'll try to do that in another post. Carolyn told me not to buy anything, but there were just a couple of things that I simply could not resist. Plus, having two such fabulous sewers as Carolyn and Mary as my friends means they can probably just take a look at what I've bought and duplicate it with minimal fuss. Anyway, I want to post some pics of what I've got and give credit and props to those I got them from. Another post, though. I need my nap!

A final word of thanks to God for always being there, even when I'm not paying attention to Him. And to all my dear friends, without whom this situation would undoubtedly be much more trying. And of course, my big sister, Debi, whom I've been chatting with online as I wrote this. Amazing I'm still able to multitask despite the chemo brain! Yippee! And last but not least, my dear hubby, Mark, who is my rock and my best friend. And who has taken all the changes in stride and loves me just as much when I'm bald as he ever did before. He is a true gift from God and I am forever grateful for him.

Blessings to everyone, and don't forget to take the time to be thankful for what you have.


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