Katie & Briscoe

Katie & Briscoe

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I consider myself an intelligent person. I'm not generally someone who has to struggle too much with either mechanical or technical issues. But I have spent virtually all day working out how to tweak and customize my blog until it completely suited me. (To be fair, I was actually working on 2 blogs: this one, and my private journal.)

Needless to say, html code is not one of my strong suits. I have an absolutely bare minimum grasp of how it works. So I spent hours searching first for templates that I actually liked and then hours longer trying to figure out exactly how to edit the code to give me the desired result.

Holy cow, it was complicated! I have long since lost track of the number of Google searches I did. The good news is, I found everything I was looking for and now am very satisfied with my finished products. :D Even better, I now know how to get what I want from other templates that I might some day chose to switch to.

I am one happy camper right now!

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